The 2014 U-pick season is over. We have been picked out. Fruitstand closes October 15th.

Please bring boxes for your fruit.

We normally supply free our re-used apple

cartons but now are running low of these.

Alternatively we have boxes you can buy.



We shoot our pumpkin cannon on the first two

Sundays in October. The first shot goes at

2:00 p.m., then about five more shots over the

next hour. See you on October 5th and the

12th at two p.m.

Every year we save more trees for U-pick. We

hope to see you here to enjoy our orchard and

delicious fruit.

These dates are a best guess and may change.

White flesh nectarines- late July.. finished for the 2014 season.

Peaches- August 10th thru mid September. Gone for the 2014 season

Yellow flesh Nectarines- August 20th? Gone for the 2014 season

Bartlett Pears Late August, 24th? Gone for the 2014 season

Gala apples late August. 24th? Gone for the 2014 season

Fuji Apples Mid September 15th?

Seedless table grapes. September 5th?  Gone for the 2014 season


Bing cherries June 25th-July 4th  finished for 2014

Rainier cherries July2nd-10th finished for 2014

 These dates are all subject to change as the weather and growing conditions change.

U-pick Arctic Glo white flesh nectarines. These are from 2013.                                                                                  arctic-glo-(1).jpg     


  phone 509-669-FARM (3276)



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