Now U-picking "Red Globe" peaches and "Red Gold" nectarines. In store the peaches are $1.29 a pound or $18 for a 20 pound box. Gala apples and Bartlett pears U-pick will start Saturday August 23rd..



Every year we save more trees for U-pick. We

hope to see you here to enjoy our orchard and

delicious fruit.

These dates are a best guess and may change.

White flesh nectarines- late July.. finished for the 2014 season.

Peaches- August 10th thru mid September.

Yellow flesh Nectarines- August 20th?

Bartlett Pears Late August, 24th?

Gala apples late August. 24th?

Fuji Apples Mid September 15th?

Seedless table grapes. September 5th?


Bing cherries June 25th-July 4th  finished for 2014

Rainier cherries July2nd-10th finished for 2014

 These dates are all subject to change as the weather and growing conditions change.

U-pick Arctic Glo white flesh nectarines. These are from 2013.                                                                                  arctic-glo-(1).jpg     


  phone 509-669-FARM (3276)



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