Weather and other factors affect the starting U-pick date. Please check back to this website or call (509-667-1664) and hear our phone message. We believe the 1st cherries, Bing and Coral Champagne will start U-pick the week of June 21st -24th then the Rainiers will begin approximately 7-9 days later. Approximately 2 weeks before we start picking we will post a hard start date.

We want the fruit you pick to be the best!

Green Bing Cherry May 17th, 2021

Remember the weekends are very busy. Come during the week for a more relaxed U-pick experience.

U-pick approximate timings.
These dates may change. This is our best guess. Fruit availability varies daily depending on how many people come and pick!

2020 U-pick Schedule (Last Year) 
this year (2021) timing for fruit seems close to last year.

Cherries------Late June - Early July

Regular Red Haven Peaches-----July 24th- 
Red Globe Peaches. Aug. 13th. 
Elberta Peaches August 28th
Hale Peaches August 28th
Gala apples---August 20th. 
Red Gold Nectarines---August 20th
Pluots - September 5th



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