Arctic Glo White flesh nectarines now available for U-pick. Cherries are finished for the season. The next variety of peach for U-picking, regular Red Havens will start about August 1st.

Every year we save more trees for U-pick. We

hope to see you here to enjoy our orchard and

delicious fruit.

These dates are a best guess and may change.

White flesh nectarines- late July.. 20th?

Peaches- August 10th thru mid September.

Yellow flesh Nectarines- August 20th?

Bartlett Pears Late August, 24th?

Gala apples late August. 24th?

Fuji Apples Mid September 15th?

Seedless table grapes. September 5th?

 These dates are all subject to change as the weather and growing conditions change.

U-pick Arctic Glo white flesh nectarines. These are from 2013. The 2014 crop should be ready around July 20th.                                                                                  arctic-glo-(1).jpg     


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