Rainier cherries will start U-pick Friday, June 28th. We are still picking U-pick Bing cherries.

The Bing cherry season and the Rainier cherry season are very fast. Once the cherries are ripe they stay good on the tree for about 7-10 days. After that they become soft and wrinkled. When we begin U-picking the season last about 14-21 days depending on how many people come and how hot the weather is. (Warm weather makes them ripen faster.)
   It is best and most enjoyable to come during the week days as the weekends and 4th Of July Holiday are fairly crowded. 

It will be hot in the orchard!! Remember--Only drinking water will be allowed into the orchard. No backpacks,large bags, strollers, blankets, tents, dogs, or food of any kind. This includes iced drinks in a cup and phoophie drinks from Starbucks.


2018 U-pick Schedule

   This is my best guess as to when these varieties will be ready for u-pick. It is probably wrong. The weather,seasonal variation, crop load, and tree age all play a part in when a fruit ripens. Keep watching this website for the most up to date information.

         Bings-------------------------------June 22nd-----gone for 2018
         Rainiers----------------------------June 29th-----Gone for 2018.
   Early Red Haven Peaches--------July 14th-------Gone for 2018
   Arctic Glo white fleshed nectarines-----July 14th-----Gone for 2018
   Regular Red Haven Peaches------------July 28th --- Gone for 2018
   Freestone canning peaches----Gone for 2018.
   Grapes------- August 25th-Sept 10th 
    Gala apples-----August 18th-Gone for 2018
   Bartlett Pears-----August 18th Gone for 2018
   Red Gold nectarines-----August 15th- Gone for 2018 
   Fuji and Golden Delicious -------- Sept. 8th- Gone for 2018
   Pluots ------Gone for 2018
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