U-pick available now for the Early Red Haven peaches and Arctic Glow white flesh nectarines. 75 cents a pound.

It will be hot in the orchard!! Remember--Only drinking water will be allowed into the orchard. No backpacks,large bags, strollers, blankets, tents, dogs, or food of any kind. This includes iced drinks in a cup and phoophie drinks from Starbucks.



2017 U-pick Schedule

                       The 2018 season is running 7-9 days ahead of 2017.

   This is my best guess as to when these varieties will be ready for u-pick. It is probably wrong. The weather,seasonal variation, crop load, and tree age all play a part in when a fruit ripens. Keep watching this website for the most up to date information.

         Bings-------------------------------June 30th-----gone for 2017
         Rainiers----------------------------July 7th-----Gone for 2017.
   Early Red Haven Peaches--------July 24th---Gone for 2017
   Arctic Glo white fleshed nectarines-----July 24th. Gone for 2017
   Regular Red Haven Peaches------------August 5-7?Gone for 2017
   Freestone canning peaches----starting with Red Globe  August 25-sept 20th Gone for 2017
   Grapes------- August 28th-sept 15th Gone for the 2017 season
    Gala apples-----August 25th Gone for 2017
   Bartlett Pears-----August 25th Gone for 2017 U-pick
   Red Gold nectarines-----August 25th Gone for 2017
   Fuji and Golden Delicious -------- Sept. 14th gone for 2107
   Pluots are gone for the 2017 season

phone 509-669-FARM (3276)



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